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Meet the Founders of MiActiv Joint Supplements Australia 

                            Garry Borman and Dave McCoy: creators of Miactiv Joint Supplements Australia

Necessity is the mother of invention and that has certainly been the case with the development of the MiActiv wellness joint formula.

With so much in history, the needs of one, leads another to invention and innovation.

The Story Behind MiActiv Joint Supplements Australia

Having family members with debilitating arthritis, Dave McCoy made a promise: to find a cure for arthritis.

This was met with the understandable cynicism, as arthritis is described as a condition where you can only manage the symptoms with various drugs and support devices. The concept of a cure was unheard of.

Being an avid researcher, Dave began researching the claims from a myriad of products that claimed to help with arthritis and looked at what worked, what didn’t and the reasons why. What he managed to find was that there are some places in the world with higher percentages of the population with arthritis than others.

He also discovered that many products only work for a small percentage of those who take it – some get great results, some got nothing, and others found their supplements stopped working after a while.

The question was why. Genetics? Or was there something else?

Wellness Joint Formula based on Naturopathic Herbs

Armed with his findings and a few theories, Dave brought his research to friend and Naturopath, Garry Borman, and asked if he thought they could make something that would actually work.

Garry had been in clinical practice for over a decade at the time and had experienced success in helping a lot of patients with joint issues. He was familiar with the amount of people with debilitating arthritis, as well as the vast array of products on the market, and how there was nothing that worked for everybody.

Garry was also very aware of the undesirable effects of many of the drugs being used to treat arthritis, and that any new product would need an outstanding safety profile.

As they say, there is nothing new under the sun (even in science), so Garry took a look at the conflicting research surrounding the various arthritis treatments and products and what worked -  and then theorised where a different approach could be taken. 

Garry suggested a wellness joint formula like nothing else in production. The formula was unique and the safety profile was exceptional, with some ingredients safer than table salt. Even better, nothing interacted with the any of the most commonly prescribed drugs on the market – including the pain killers. This meant they had a super-safe product.

The early versions of the MiActiv joint supplements Australia were all hand made in Garry’s Naturopathic clinic and tested on a few willing patients and family members. Garry actually tore his left meniscus in the early days and become a triallist by accident! Using this new wellness joint formula, within 30 days he was pain free and jogging again – not bad at 50!

Other early results were nothing short of remarkable. Better than 90% of those using MiActiv were getting good to very good results with many being totally pain free, so the trial was expanded.

The results remained consistent with better than 9 out of 10 doing well on MiActiv, with results tending to get better the longer they used the product.

Results were also long lasting when compared to some of the popular pain killers on the market, with the added advantage that participants only needed a daily dose, not every few hours.

The MiActiv wellness joint formula was modified and enhanced a couple of times until it became the formula it is today, and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular joint supplements in Australia.

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Approved

In late 2019, we partnered with an Australian TGA licensed manufacturer and MiActiv was submitted to the scrutiny of the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, to ensure that every capsule was made to the same consistent high standard, including:

  • purity of ingredients;
  • quality of ingredients; and
  • certified free of contaminants.
MiActiv Joint Supplements Australia passed all of the tests and has subsequently been included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods with the listing number Aust L 325695.