Why are some smart people so dumb

The medical profession accepts only the top 1% of school graduates – the smartest ones in theory. So when a see a study like the following, you have to wonder what these guys just don’t get.

The prestigious British Medical Journal recently published a report from the Sydney Diet Heart Study (study performed around 1970! ). They concluded that taking Omega6 – likely as margarine - had no benefit in heart health compared to butter. Well duh! Clearly not everyone who should know does know that omega6 can be PRO-INFLAMMATORY and needs to be in a tight ratio with Omega3. Omega3 is an anti-inflammatory and beneficial to circulation and avoiding abnormal clotting. So why dredge up a 40-year-old study that was so poorly designed? Headlines? Don’t know, but here is the real fact – diets high in Omega3 oils tend to show cardio protection, diets high in Omega6 oils (like we get in most processed foods) tends to be bad for the heart. Consume more oily fish or take a quality fish oil and you can’t go wrong.