Where You Live Can Impact Your Arthritis

Where you live can have an impact on arthritis.

Some populations have a very high incidence of arthritis but others have very little, but why is this so?

Given the general incidence of arthritis in the over 50’s is about 20% in Australia, why are there some pockets where very few are troubled by painful arthritis symptoms? An example of this is Carnarvon in Western Australia, where one report showed as little as 1% of the population suffer from arthritis, or 20 times less than the norm.

On the other extreme, a survey of people in Jamaica showed arthritis in as many as 70% of the population. So we can rule out warmth of the climate as a potential benefit in reducing arthritis.

The answer lies in the nutritional makeup of the soil and the amount of nutrients in the food and diet.

Generalising, the more diverse the diet the better off you are, but some places just don’t have the nutrients in the soil and therefore whatever grows in the soil can be deficient in essential trace minerals.  

An example of this would be Australia’s known shortage of selenium and iodine in our soil. The only way to get around this deficiency is to supplement.

Why Choose Australian Made Supplements

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Just like we need to eat and drink every day, we need to take in the correct nutrients for healthy joints every day to keep arthritis at bay.

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