Paracetamol Poisoning

You may think that just because you can buy it in the supermarket and it is recommended for children, that paracetamol is safe. The truth is far from that. In 1 year there have been almost 18000 hospitalisations for paracetamol overdose in Australia resulting in around 20 deaths and many more permanently damaged livers. While marketing calls it gentle on the stomach and safe from 1 year up, they neglect to tell you how brutal it is on the liver. One of my pharmacology books says even 1 paracetamol is toxic to the liver and unfortunately, once you start to notice symptoms of overdose, liver damage has already occurred. This is the precise reason for the reduction in pack sizes in many countries over the last few years. Given that a lot of paracetamol is sold and target marketed for joint pain, it underscores the need for new and safe ways to manage joint pains and where products like MiActiv stand out.