Everyday Tips for Managing Pain

For most, pain is a signal something is wrong with their bodies. It fades when the appropriate action is taken, like snapping your hand back after touching a red-hot stove element.

For sufferers of chronic pain, though, it is an unbearably heavy cross-holding them back from enjoying life.

Any reduction in their agony goes a long way towards restoring normalcy to their daily routine. If you are among the millions for whom every day is a struggle because of this condition, we hope the tips below will bring you the relief you are seeking.


Perform low-impact exercises on a regular basis

 We know many of you out there are already cringing – exercise? With chronic pain? I can barely function as it is!

This suggestion may seem counter-intuitive, and there are forms of exercise you'll want to avoid. However, finding the right forms of physical activity will help you reduce the pain you feel on a daily basis.

When you train your body, endorphins are released from your pituitary gland – these hormones help make you feel good and help blunt pain by interfering with their transmission to the central nervous system.  

From walking around the block to performing water aerobics at the local aquatic centre, there are numerous ways you can get these pain-killing hormones flowing without overtaxing your body.


Banish unnecessary stress from your life 

Being in constant pain is a source of stress by itself, but we all have to deal with domineering bosses, rush hour traffic, the results of a big exam, and so forth.

By avoiding or limiting the external stress to which you are exposed, you can prevent a challenging condition from becoming much worse.

Meditation will take your mind off the searing nerves which have tortured you for so long. For others, breathing exercises or listening to calming music achieves the same goal.

Figure out what relaxes you and practice it whenever you have a particularly bad flare-up.


Get regular massages tailored to your pain

When you are a chronic pain sufferer, practicing self-care is essential if you hope to maintain your sanity. Massage therapy should be one of your go-to techniques when life is being a royal pain, as it helps to relieve muscle tension and release hormones like dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, and endorphins.

The former helps to reduce the irritation of nerve receptors caused by tight muscles, while the latter hormones help to promote a euphoric, happy, and relaxed state.

The massage you'll want to get will depend on the type of pain you presently suffer. Those made miserable by their scar tissue or by neck/shoulder/back pain will enjoy deep tissue massage, myofascial release is best for those suffering from fibromyalgia, while migraine sufferers see great results from trigger point massages.    


Take supplements specific to your condition 

Many seek out alternative treatments before resorting to medication and supplements, but it is undeniable there are plenty of products effective in the treatment of chronic pain.

 Whether you have arthritis which is getting more painful by the day or debilitating back spasms, there are medical interventions out there that will help make life more manageable or you. In the case of the former condition, MiACTIV helps to reduce inflammation that the previously mentioned techniques fail to alleviate.