MiActiv - Joint Pain Relief

MiActiv is a revolutionary nutritional supplement, which is listed with The Australian Register of Theraputic Goods.
MiActiv is an all natural and synergistic combination of essential nutrients, trace elements, mineral salts and powerful naturopathic herbs that work.

Instead of just masking the pain, MiActiv addresses the underlying problem causing joint pain.

The MiActiv wellness joint formula provides essential nutrients the body needs to keep joint cartilage healthy and to assist repair and is made right here in Australia.

Living with Joint Pain is Frustrating

Get back to living life on your own terms by taking MiActiv daily.

Miactiv uses naturopathic herbs for a wellness joint formula suited to arthritis sufferers and runners and athletes

Joint Pain Relief


Live Life Pain Free

So you can keep doing what you love...

Miactiv are proudly Autralian owned and Australian Made Supplements
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If it wasn't for MiActiv I wouldn't be able to enjoy my weekly game of golf.

Paul B - NSW


I have been taking MiActiv for 4 years and it's a godsend, at 62 I can still work as a Nurse in a busy hospital.

Sarah M - QLD


MiActiv has given me my life back, I am able to enjoy looking after my granddaughter again.

Vicki L - VIC


If I stop taking MiActiv within 2-3 days my hands stiffen up and the pain comes back. One a day keeps the pain at bay!

Margaret E - TAS


Wonderful ! Just wonderful ! I love visiting our grandchildren in our caravan several weeks a year. This would not be possible without MiActiv.

Kerry S - QLD